WELCOME to my site its pretty great uh this place has got it all art and a blog and probabably a wikipedia page hall of fame if i ever bother to reinstall it. I almost deleted entirely but then i remembered i can't stand social media so we are back in buisiness babes. wooi do not have a job so no supporter so all the art and images are gonna be pretty crunchy thats just the woes of hosting an art site on 1 GB huh

more stuff uh I like drawing and comics and possibly drawing comics but I think i prefer writing stories and character design more. not like writing writing though i suck at that i just like plotting

listening to:
  • 8/17 added oc info pages
  • 8/16 reverted site back to old layout cus it was better
  • 8/15 updated about, added music section, fixed art section formatting
  • 6/15 completely redid site, lost a lot of the upd8 log oops
  • 4/30 updated about with personality quizzes and faves, upd8 box back to being weird
  • 4/29 fixed it idk how or why
  • 4/29 updated about more, added guestbook link but now this is all to the side? whatever i have to do chem homework
  • 4/28 reworked the nav, tried to make a blog section but post formatting not working
  • 4/21/19 feel like completely remaking again oops
  • 4/18/19 Uploaded to neocities!
  • 4/18/19 Working on css touchups, adding content
  • 4/17/19 decided to make the site