i'm spoons/spleen/spoorbs and my nick slash user names all start with the consonant cluster i'm most likely to stutter on because i wanted to look cohesive. I'm also 16 and a cancer but i dont really do that zodiac stuff feel free to use that info in some weird blood rite if you want to tho.

I like to draw and I'm learning guitar, but I'm kinda feeling like the drums would be fun to learn too. I'm thinking ab majoring in biology but I'm not really sure yet. FUCK chemistry though. Anyways i like disease science (pathology?) and also riot grrl and comics and weird fashion but i dont actually know anything ab fashion i just like looking at the pictures & character design. dm me on my insta if you wanna talk or get my discord or smth


i do not know anything about tarot other than the time i tried to hand draw the major arcana cards so i could have a deck for myself but then gave up after a day that being SAID here are my birth cards use these to put a hex on me or smth:



"The Open Sex Role Inventory was developed as open source, modernized measure of masculinity and femininity."

I got masculine 90/feminine 102

  • Jojos-literally STOP being rude to jonathan hes doing his best. my fave part so far is probably vento aureo the characterization is honestly so much better than past parts and the filler stand battles dont feel like filler stand battles. stan la squadra.
  • Mob Psycho-kinda outta it but still good. stan tome or die
  • tome its simple stan tome or die
  • glados hehe neurotoxin
  • jolyneok im FINALLY on stone ocean and we stan!
  • diooh dear it appears i have tripped and fallen within the threshold of this mysterious cario mansion what ever will i do *pet shop rips my face off*
  • bruno YOU.
  • risotto neroi laced up my black doc martens and smudged my black eyeliner before letting out a heavy sigh. "another day of being picked on by preps" i thought. "Y/N!!" my mom called, interrupting I'm Not Okay (I Promise) blasting on my stereo. "WHAT!!" i yelled back. 7th grade was already the hardest time of my life but at least... i had gerard way. "THERES A NEW KID IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD! I WANT YOU TO WALK WITH HIM TO SCHOOL!" she yelled, again. "UGH" i thought. hes probably some blonde fuckboy that likes parties and vaping. i walked downstairs emoly, flipping up the hood on my piss stained party poison jacket. I stopped when I saw who was waiting in my doorway. "RISOTTO NERO???" I gasped
  • hermes YOU AS WELL.
  • priests PLEASE god listen to priests if you like riot grrl kinda stuff. bodiesandcontrol is more of a grungier punk sound and i dont even know how to describe the seduction of kansas its just GOOD. fav songs-And Breeding, Good Time Charlie, Design Within Reach
  • Jack Off Jill i havent been listening to them for long but theyre GOOD theyre GOTH listen to them please. fav songs: Kringle, Media C-section, Rabbiteen,
  • Sidney Gish Her stuff is so chill its great, indie vibe. I just saw her at the Che Cafe and she was GREAT. fav songs: homecoming serf, impostor syndrome, not but for you bunny
  • The Coathangersfuck yes fukvc yes fuck yes. fav songs: wipe out, parasite
  • babes in toyland ALSO fuck yes god i love riot grrl so much. god. fav songs: sweet 69, hes my thing, oh yeah!
  • deadly class DEADLY CLASS- set in the 80s, marcus is a homeless teen that gets drafted into a school for asssasins. i literally gave a presentation on this comics colors GOD. great action great story great comic.
  • saga Saga-still readin thru but STAN lying cat and also sophie
  • KilljoysThe True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys-yeah im EMO so what. year of the killjoy great mad max/desert punk vibe.
  • umbrella academyUmbrella Academy-GOD i love this comics art style. pretty different from the show so id reccomend giving it a read.