wow i have NOT updated this page in a while but if im gonna get straight into the introspective part of the blog its cus making this site was a distraction from my school life but now i dont NEED to be distracted from school cus im not being b*ll**d passive agressively anymore SO! nah but sophmore year really was horrible but im glad its over and i only have to deal with running into those people into the hallways anymore. im talking to people more and i made a lot of new friends really fast and i like my classes for the most part and even the classes i dont like i have friends in and i have learned how to goof off in classes that i dont like while still getting a b+ at lowest. I do still wanna keep this place updated with art and ocs because i have a ton now and maybe a story to go along with them? also a dedicated music section would be fun because the front page music feature might not e enough anymore. ALSO a page for cool diseases we'll see, it all depends on if i dont forget about this place for two more months. anyways leave a comment if you actually read the blogs i wanna see something. not that thats passive agressive attention seeking or anything the only reason i blog on here instead of keeping a private notes app is cus like maybe three people tops will see it

by the way. in case you havent heard. mcr is back.


ok stuffs going actually pretty great, i started reading stone ocean, also pretty great. Think i decided pursuing art as a career isnt something for me and id be better off going into biology instead so thats also something. I'd just be kinda sad because obviously in that field you're not gonna have a lot of free time to draw (at least as a college student) but i DO have a passion for it which i dont think i would have for art if i had to do it to survive. also im taking an anatomy and physiology course in my school which is actually so fun. ok stan hermes costello and also foo fighters good night


schools going good ya ya anyways who cares i literally cannot stand indie softboy music like "oubgooouuhhg g i smoak weed my girlfirend left youurr lips taste like jully" shut the FUCK up it doesnt even slap. this is about the front bottoms whoever wrote beachboy and also fidlar like. your ex girlfirend was right dude. whatever stan babes in toyland thats ACTUAL fuckin music

8/18, but like, in the actual day time

immmmmm fuckin dreading the art elective i got into now i dont like school ppl knowing i draw and i dont like school ppl knowing my art acc and i dont want ppl going thru my sketchbook even though they probably wont and probably everyone else in the elective feels like this except mayb for the art insta thing but. h.


I had to wait like ten minutes to make this post cus it was still technically the seventeeth and i wouldnt just say it was the eighteenth anyways i realized why secco is scarier than me tie doughty walker its cus walking corpses do not exist but bdsm crackheads walking their boyfriends on a leash in public do and that means there is a very real possiblilty i could meet a secco-like entity in real life. god.


you know whats weird secco jjba unssettled me more than any monster in the scary stories movie. i thought it was a pretty alright movie and it was fun to recognize some of the scenes from the stories i read in like third grade but i was just thinkin ab it. I guess the difference is if the corpse guy showed up in my room at three am i might be able to keep my shit together enough to try and fight it or run away but if secco showed up in my doorway frothing at the mouth i would just start shrieking. anyways it inspired me to think up some more monster designs so thats what im gonna go do.


god anyways if ciccolata EVER needs a test subject he can hmu weird science amirite. anyways im debating if i should walk or bike down to the store to see if they have black lipstick cus im EMO who cares. anywayys school is about to start and i want to die bc this summer was literally so boring and i did jack shit except make my mom think i have no friends which might be true idk. junior year is gonna kill me bc im STUPIT and cant do math


kinda forgot ab this place oops. uhh summer is almost over and that sucks ass right. anyways im a jojos fan now unfortunately. thats all i got to report.


aahghg weekend pretty epic also its free comic book day tomorrow!! also i think i got a b or c on the chem test which is not failing so im good. update with the dailyposting thing also i dont think im up to it bc my arms are soso weak. i tried to make a quick sketch/painting to post up before i went out w friends and the crunch made my tennis elbow flare up :/ so ywah think im gonna sit back even if i DID see results with dailyposting i dont think im up to take on the insta algorithm rn. which is also something i kinda hate ab the internet right now and theres been better articles about this but: the algorithms that only reward frequent posting along with the out-of-order 'best first' way all the social media organizes posts now is awful and a hellscape. and everyone with an art tab on here is also saying this but i want art oriented websites back!!! whys everything gotta merge!! fuck!! dA is dead and was dead before i ever really got into art, conceptart is for when you're just looking for serious BREAD and from what ive poked around while the art on there is seriously incredible theres not really much of a community. I was on paigeeworld for a while but its really only aimed at twelve year olds that cant get insta yet. it did have a nice community though, and the monthly contests and art tutorials they hosted were nice. Overall it was a nice community for when i was just starting to post art online but you tend to outgrow it. OH idk ab website rings really much but someone should set one up for art websites here that wld be fun

hmm i wanna make a quick couple comics to get back into it. I think it would be nice to make quick oneshot ones because i notice i really get tripped up in writing a lot. also i havent been able to stop listening to 2010s pop punk emo bands and flipnote songs help


alright this ones gonna b quick because i have to study like 5 weeks of chem in one night hahhha :'^) UH current mood is. everything at once whih is NOT ideal for study but basically i found a podcast that just details different diseases and thats SO cool i LOVE LOVE pathology so much its so cool man. diseases and stuff. its called "this podcast will kill you" btw. sound of the SUMMER. chem has kinda put me off science but this kinda stuff makes me reconsider a little esp bc i dont know if im comfortable with having to draw to support myself instead of just having it as a hobby, even tho i love to draw i dunno if it would be great if i had to do it to live. especially bc my wrists are NOT the most reliable and ive had two drawing injuries in just this school year. what can i say bitches be drawing am i right!!!! BACK to weird science did you know this soviet guy wanted to see if head transplants were possible so he grafted the forelegs and head of a dog onto a bigger dog? and it worked like the smaller dog reacted to stimuli and ate stuff?? first off obviously what the HELL who even does that. and secondly what the hell. and then in retaliation this american guy did a head transplant on a monkey but it was paralyzed from the neck down. scientists be..not having ethics. if u wanna read a more accurate cersion the guys names are Vladimir Demikhov and Robert White respectively. i just thought that was fucked up. which reminds me i first read ab it in this book called elephants on acid that i stole from the class library and then this wenesday my teacher was like. has anyone seen this book it was someones library book. oops. but you know what the hell im copping from the school library the SECOND it gets returned. anyways i have to go study for the ONE science i hate unconditionally so bye ALSO i forgot but yay 1,000 views!! thanks!!


Alright I got the blog working in sublime, now i just hope it works when i port it to neocities.

I'm gonna go see Endgame in an hour, Spiderverse ruined all other superhero movies for me but i heard it was pretty good. Dont like how disney has almost a monopoly on media though it's sketchy.

In other news i'm trying to make a cyoa game/comic thing. It's in preproduction hell though because i havent settled on character designs, style, and what i'm gonna make it with. At first i was gonna go with Twine, but 2 doesnt have image support and 1 is hell to try and write a stylesheet for. I think i'm gonna learn some JS and code it using basic HTML, in an example of the literal worst possible coding practice im pretty sure. Also all the different page files are going to kill me if i DO go that route.

UPDATE: alright it is NOT working in neocities (bg won't show and i dont think the margin is being registered either) and the new site width isnt updating even when i deleted all the old files and reuploaded the updated versions? alright.

UPDATE UPDATE: alright i think it was just updating slow on my browser bc it works when i go into incognito but NOW all my nav links are fucked. autotune crying baby noise.

FINAL UPDATE JESUS CHRIST: alright links were just something funky with the css it should be good now please let it be good now.