AGE: 22


HOBBY: eye collecting

PERSONALITY: good talker but terrified of danger and overly cautious

POWERS? if she pops someones eye into her socket she can see what they were like & recent memories, depending on freshness

STAND: 「design within reach」

STANDO POWAH: can cause delusions on eye contact

Cecily believes that eyes are the "key to the soul", whatever that means. A playground accident when she was 5 years old led to the loss of her eye and caused her to be needlesly cautious for the rest of her life. Terrified of putting herself in harms way, she uses persuasion and deception to steal peoples eyes rather than any direct method. Having always been a wallflower, she uses her collection to live through other peoples experiences.

other notes-idk what part shes in cus i dont think things thru beyond "hehe stand" but if she WAS hit with a stand arrow then that turned all her phobias up to 11 because holy SHIT she was scared of dying all this time and then she DID nearly die. it'd also probably turn a mild interest in eyes into an obsession after she realizes what she can do w her stand. also the constraints for fresh" eyes would be like 15 minutes unpreserved and around 3 days preserved.